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Mayor Visits Video Game Company-affiliated Kindergarten

Mayor Ko Wen-je visited the kindergarten affiliated to the video game company Gamania on July 4.
During his meeting with the company’s president Albert Liu, the mayor noted that there are a lot of similarities between the company’s approach and those of Google and Facebook, which Ko had a chance to visit during his previous trip to the US, where the employees can satisfy their needs within the office environment. These human-oriented companies are rather different from those of traditional manufacturing businesses.
He noted that both policy implementation and planning of today are founded on the principle of asking businesses or the public how the city government can help. This is because the result of past approaches – where everything are conducted based upon the government’s own perspective – are often less than ideal. It is more preferable for companies to submit proposals and the city government to procure services once the proposal is deemed doable.

The mayor also shared his observations from his recent visit to Shanghai, including those on e-commerce and logistics industries. He noted that the industries go ahead and experiment with new approaches, but the government has the power to intercede when necessary. Given the constant changing factor of technological advances, his attitude is that anything the law does not prohibit is worth trying; it shouldn’t be limited to trying out things which the law permits. Taking the issue of children daycare as an example, Ko praised that in addition to public daycare facilities, private enterprises are willing to work together to set up childcare facilities.
Regarding media questions on how he plans to encourage private companies to set up more corporation-affiliated nurseries, Ko indicated that the first step is to let consumption stimulate production. He noted that roughly 95-percent of 5-year-olds enroll in kindergartens; this figure decreases by half for 3-year-olds, and the major cause is because there aren’t enough kindergartens. He noted that enrollment increased when there are more kindergartens available. He believes that the city should set up a contact window allowing enterprises which are interested in setting up such facilities.