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Mayor Travels to Shanghai to Attend Twin-City Forum

Twin-City Forum Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je and Taipei City Government officials traveled to Shanghai today (July 3) to attend the 2019 Twin-City Forum. After arriving in Shanghai, Ko was received by Shanghai City Deputy Mayor Zong Ming and Shanghai Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office Director Li Wen-hui at the airport. Thereafter, he was escorted by Director Li and Shanghai International Port Group Chairman Gu Jin-shan to visit the first destination - Yangshan Deep Water Port, where he listened to a presentation on the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and visited the port’s automation facilities. He also received a media interview at the end of the meeting.

After visiting the Yangshan Deep Water Port, the mayor moved on to the next destination on the itinerary – the City Operation and General Management Center of Pudong New Area. Dubbed as the “Brain of the City”, the center utilizes big data, cloud technology, and artificial intelligence in conjunction with IoT sensors to enhance awareness towards the city as well as the ability to ascertain city operating trends and problem evolution. Mayor Ko has expressed a high level of interest in the system and inquired about the center’s human resources allocation and operation procedure-related information after the briefing. He also mentioned that relevant departments and bureaus of Taipei City Government should come here to learn about the technologies involved.

After wrapping up his visit at the City Operation and General Management Center, Ko headed to Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center to attend the award ceremony of the 2019 Cross-Strait E-Sport Cultural Festival. After viewing the Wangzhe Rongyao competition, he also presented awards to exceptional e-sport teams from Taipei and Shanghai.

Lastly, the mayor and Taipei City Government delegates attended the welcoming banquet at Radisson Blu Plaza Xing Guo Hotel Shanghai

According to Shanghai City Mayor Ying Yong, this is the third time that Mayor Ko has attended the Twin-City Forum in Shanghai since taking office as the mayor of Taipei City. Therefore he extended a warm welcome to Mayor Ko and Taipei City Government delegates on behalf of Shanghai City during his speech at the banquet. Mayor Ying also mentioned that he was preoccupied with other conferences at the time of the 2018 Twin-City Forum in Taipei City; hence he assigned executive vice mayor of Shanghai City Zhou Bo and other delegates to attend the forum. He expressed his sincere gratitude and respect towards Mayor Ko and Taipei City Government for having the Shanghai delegates and for planning the comprehensive itinerary. Lastly, Ying indicated that he looked forward to hosting the 2019 Twin-City Forum opening ceremony with his counterpart from Taipei the following day.

During his speech, Ko commented that seeing the Yangshan Deep Water Port in summer is a truly remarkable project that incorporates the cross-sea bridge and automated container dock. Moreover, he also visited the City Operation and General Management Center of Pudong New Area just now, which offered him a lot of inspiration, particularly in the digital governance of the city. He also witnessed the e-sport competition between youths from Taipei and Shanghai. He believes that Shanghai is the most advanced metropolis in China, and there is an abundance of experience to be borrowed by Taipei City in terms of hardware and infrastructure. He hopes that the 2 cities will continue to exchange experience and learn from each other so that both parties can reap benefits. Lastly, Ko said that this year’s Twin-City Forum coincides with the event’s 10th anniversary, therefore he hopes it will continue to be held in the future without interruption.