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Bus Operators to Support City Government’s Electric Bus Policy

Mayor Ko with officials at the Shilin-Beitou Technology CorridorDuring the inspection visit to the Beitou-Shilin Technology Corridor on February 5, Mayor Ko Wen-je had an opportunity to exchange views with the presidents of two city bus operators on the public transportation in the neighborhood and EV buses.
Both Lee Po-wen, president of Capital Bus and Metropolitan Transport Corporation, and President Lu Chi-lung of CS Bus Group indicated that a total of 5 bus companies have assigned a fleet of 116 buses to operate 26 bus lines in the area. Furthermore, the two company heads promised their support for the city government’s electric bus policy and are working on plans to gradually replace diesel buses with EV alternatives.
The Public Transportation Office (PTO) stressed that in the interest of achieving the Executive Yuan’s goal of replacing all city buses with electric-powered versions by 2030, city hall has implemented numerous measures including the electric bus subsidy of NT$2.12 per passenger in 2021. It will also require local bus operators to stop acquiring gas and diesel buses, replacing them with EV versions as technologies mature in the future.
According to PTO, the property which currently houses the Shilin Second Bus Depot will be returned for the development of the Taipei Science and Art Park. To satisfy the public transportation needs of Beitou and Shilin Districts, the facility has been relocated to the Beitou-Shilin Technology Corridor. With the opening of the new depot, new bus lines – including 41, 255 limited, 683, 250, and S8 – will serve major MRT stations in the neighborhood such as Shilin, Donghu, and Jianan Road stations.
Taking up over 20,000 square meters, the new depot will serve as the depot for a fleet of 63 electric buses by the end of the year. The facility is expected to become a base for the fleet of electric buses serving Shilin and Beitou districts.