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Mayor Tries out MRT Wenhu Line Early Bird Deals

In an effort to improve the traffic situations of Neihu District, the city government introduced the “Neihu Green Transportation Pilot Project” on August 1. Mayor Ko Wen-je took this opportunity to take the MRT from MRT Dongmen Station to MRT Xihu Station and tried out the free transit bus for Neihu Technology Park.
After trying out the “Early Bird” fare discount (up to 60% off the regular price) for the MRT, the mayor remarked while he felt no changes in terms of speed compared to the days he took the MRT to work, he did notice the fare total when he swiped his EasyCard – it only costed him NT$12 to travel from MRT Dongmen Station to MRT Xihu Station!
The mayor recalled that one of the reasons behind the pilot project is to make MRT fares more attractive than riding a motorcycle to work for commuters. He hopes that the incentive will encourage more people to take the mass transit system.
When asked by the media whether he noticed an increase in the number of riders, Ko admitted that it is not so obvious on the first day, as habits cannot be changed within a few days. The results should emerge after a period of time. He also pointed out that the difference should be noticeable when school resumes after summer vacations.
When taking the transit bus, one of the reporters asked the mayor whether the discount for the bus is attractive enough. Ko replied that transit bus is free of charge; even when regular fare resumes, the price is only NT$8. This combined with the NT$12 fare for MRT means that travel to Neihu Technology Park takes only NT$20 from MRT Dongmen Station, making it really competitive.