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YDO: Experiencing Maker Education through Boardgame, Puzzles

The steel bars at Yuanshan Linear Park's Fantasy PlazaDo you know that boardgame and wooden puzzles can serve as a key to help kids unlock the door to maker education? The Youth Development Office (YDO) held an interactive education course led by renowned education teams Papacode and Honeybee Workshop for youngsters on August 20 and 21.
The coursework involves a number of interesting challenges, including a session on the boardgame CO-DECODE which combines problem-solving, app interaction and reading analysis. Kids learn about the depth and possibilities of programming through the game. During another part of the class, students learned how to make wooden puzzle pieces and try to solve the puzzle while blindfolded, testing their reflexes while using their head.
Next, for the topic of “Handmade Maze”, participants had to construct a “Eight Diagram Labyrinth” with the delicate materials made by using laser cutting technology. The students later competed against each other to see whose marble traverses the maze and be the first to reach the exit.
The game-based program allows the young learners to experience maker education in a fun way. A mom who accompanied her child during the two-day class remarked that YDO has done a great job by offering diversified activities for kids. An elementary school student surnamed Chen expressed excitement regarding the design of the coursework.
According to YDO, “creativity” and “fun” has always been the inherent DNA of its Youth Creative Space. Hopefully, the exciting activities at the center will help promote Taipei City’s maker education, as well as raising the interest of the public in the agency’s programs.
For more information on YDO’s programs, please visit the agency’s Chinese website (Link) or its Chinese Facebook fan page (Link).