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Promoting 4 Major Cultural Venues – Providing Tourists from Hong Kong and Macau with a Unique Travel Experience

* The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) will be attending the 2019 ITE Hong Kong from June 13 to 16, 2019, and a press conference was convened in Hong Kong today (June 12) before the start of the exhibition to recommend 5 Unique Cultural Venues in Taiwan. Janet, the winner of Golden Bell Award Best Host in an Itinerant Program, was invited to unveil in-depth travel routes from Bangka (Wanhua), Dadaocheng, northern city corridor, southern city NTU to Beitou, introducing each unique cultural venue and presenting everyone to explore the Undiscovered Taipei.

Hong Kong and Macau have always been an important source of inbound tourists for Taipei, and they are extremely mature markets. According to data from the Tourism Bureau of Ministry of Transportation and Communication, over 1.65 million tourists from Hong Kong and Macau visit Taiwan annually, and in recent years, 80% of them have been free independent travelers. With convenient transportation, natural landscape, cultural and creative diversity, Taipei has successfully attracted repeat visitors from these cities. TPEDOIT strives to transform Taipei into a city of warmth and hospitality, thereby endowing the visitors with a unique experience every time they come to Taipei, so that their impression of the city will not only remain as photographs on their smartphones.

Commissioner Liu Yi-ting of TPEDOIT commented that the most incredible aspect of the exciting metropolis of Taipei is that one can visit the mountains or stop by the seaside within 30 minutes of travel. This year’s Cultural Venue experiential journey embodies the concept of the fenceless city featuring profound depth and freedom, where tourists are able to appreciate the unique essence of the city including natural experience, cultural sentiments, historic footprints, impressions of life, and cultural & creative transformation, and more.

Taking Beitou hot spring as an example, the resort area can be reached by MRT within half an hour. Ascend the gentle slope and you will be greeted by several dozen hot spring hotels. For those who are keen to understand the history of the Beitou hot spring, all the answers lie within the Beitou Hot Spring Museum. Restored to its former luster, Xinbeitou Historic Station is a place where old meets new, transcending time and space. Dadaocheng, located in the west side of the city, has borne witness to the revitalization of historic monuments and old buildings, and the emergence of numerous cultural and creative stores, turning it into a historic area of Taipei City offering a fusion of contemporary and traditional elements.

The Northern City Corridor is situated in north Taipei, where travelers can take advantage of the transport convenience of the MRT linear park to discover constant surprises such as cultural and creative shops nestled in small lanes and alleyways, as well as stylish salons and the literary ambiance of the Eslite Underground Book Street. At the famous Longshan Temple in Wanhua (Bangka), the Bo-Pi Liao Historic Block, and the tourist night markets, travelers will be able to appreciate the historical significance of the city’s qualities. The neighborhood around NTU in the southern part of town is an insightful cultural venue emanating the profound cultural heritage of the metropolis; albeit not as popular as other tourist attractions, it is ideal for repeat visitors. Last but not least, you can enjoy hiking on Xiangshan in Xinyi District, taking in the commanding views of the flourishing night scenery of Taipei Basin and Taipei 101, ready to embark on the next soul-moving journey.

For this year’s ITE Hong Kong, Eva Air and China Airlines have launched FIT promotional packages. China Airlines Hong Kong Branch General Manager Chung Wan-chun announced the 2-day and 1-night FIT package for ITE Hong Kong (priced at HK$1,089, roughly NT$4,500 tax exclusive) as well as the 3-day 2-night FIT package (priced at HK$1,285, roughly NT$5,300). Eva Air Hong Kong Section Chief Lin Wen-feng also unveiled the 3-day 2-night FIT package for ITE Hong Kong (priced at HK$1,268, roughly NT$5,200).

TPEDOIT has specially prepared gifts for the first 300 travelers who have purchased the packages, including Taoyuan International Airport + Taipei MRT Co-branded Tickets, Double-decker Taipei Sightseeing Bus Tickets Buy One Get One Free and the Undiscovered Taipei Handbook. On top of that, the first 100 travelers to purchase the packages will also receive surprise gifts such as experience coupons for Herbal Party, Handcrafted Leather, and Beitou Hot Spring, so hurry up to grab these fantastic prizes at ITE Hong Kong.

Over the 4-day exhibition at ITE Hong Kong, the TPEDOIT has prepared plenty of Taipei cultural and creative trinkets, Bravo souvenirs, Taipei Hot Springs Association discount vouchers, and Azalea Festival-related gifts for the Taipei exhibition booth. All Hong Kong and Macau residents are welcome to participate in the interactive games and scan the QR code in order to share the event with others. The aim of the TPEDOIT, is to let Hong Kong and Macau tourists appreciate the abundance and passion of Taipei City.