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District Sports Centers Kick off Sports Summer Camp Registration

Kids attending sports summer camp To welcome the summer season, Taipei’s district sport centers will make available a series of sports summer camp for youngsters! These courses comprise activities that will train participants in a number of areas, including sports techniques, body coordination, innovation and creativity, and even a bit of soul searching.

In addition to typical programs for basketball, badminton, swimming, and dancing, Zhongshan and Datong District Sports Center also offer sessions on diversified land-based and water-based sports. Nangang Sports Center will organize camps for airsoft gun and snorkeling enthusiasts, while Beitou Sports Center merges basketball with English language environment.

Zhongzheng Sports Center’s archery summer camp helps students strengthen their concentration, in contrasted to the rock-climbing fun available at Wanhua District Sports Center. Parents considering alternatives for their kids can look into canoeing or trampoline lessons at Songshan Sports Center or Neihu’s drone or parkour classes. They will also find a list of programs conducted outdoors on the websites of Shilin and Xinyi Sports Center.

Meanwhile, the respective sports centers also offer a number of “comprehensive” camps. Examples include the “Galactic Battle Camp” in Neihu; the “Young Athletic Monster” class in Xinyi; and the “All-rounded Athletes” and Wenshan’s “Happy Kid’s Activity” camp organized by Daan District Sports Center. Students will have a chance to experience a wide range of fun activities, including DIY lessons, fencing, Chinese yoyo, and board games.

To register for the sports summer camp program, please call or visit the website of the respective district sports center. Registrations are now being accepted, and early birds will find more discounts than latecomers!