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Taipei Digital Art Festival: Aura Spurt Remoteness Nearby

The first Digital Art Festival Taipei is scheduled to start on November 10. The event, titled Aura Spurt Remoteness Nearby, will conclude on November 19. As part of the city government’s agenda to transform Taipei into a media city, the 10-day event aims at bringing the people of Taipei into full contact with the heart of digital art that has initiated unprecedented change in the political, economic, social, and cultural fields. Acting as a catalyst for changing the stereotypical image of digital art as explicitly computer generated images and animation, the event organizers have invited international artists who find the new equilibrium between traditional art forms and modern technology through their own unique multidisciplinary approach through digital art. From the framework of construction to digital content, the event provides an arena for local and international artists to dispense technology’s many facets into art installation that aim to be at once comprehensible and profound. The interplay between traditional art and modern technology is of particular interest as it revisits and integrates conventional subject matters with interactive, multimedia, and networked installations. As a result, the festival hopes to achieve a perspective that re-defines the ordinary. This inaugural event comprises of four categories: 1. Interactive installations, including installation art, performance art, virtual art, multimedia art and remote communication. 2. Audio Art, including new sound media, electronic music, digitally composed music. 3. Video Art, including 3-D animation, visual/sound effects. 4. Internet Art, including Internet design, online architecture, online music, online gaming, online animation and online broadcasting. Some of the participating artists include Ludger Brummer, the Director of the institute of Music and Acoustics at the Center for Arts and Media Karlsruhe, Paul DeMarinis, the Golden Nica winner of the 2006 Arts Electronica, Benoit Maubrey, a world renown sound technology specialist, Thomas Gray, and many more. For more information please call 02 2778 9268, fax 02 2773 6980, or email daf@dac.tw