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DEP Announces Trash Removal Schedule for CNY 2022

Poster with CNY trash collection scheduleWith Chinese New Year just around the corner, to help residents prepare for a brand-new Year of the Tiger, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced the End-of-the-year Cleanup Period lasting from today through January 23.
During this period, garbagemen will help locals get rid of unwanted old furniture and outdated home appliances. For those who wish to take advantage of this service, please call the cleaning squadrons of the respective districts to set up a free appointment to remove the oversized waste. Once the time and the pickup location has been decided, simply bring the oversized waste to the agreed-upon spot and leave it there for the garbage truck.
Regarding adjustments to the trash collection schedules during CNY: Trash collection will be available on Sunday, January 30 to accommodate those leaving town for the long holiday. An additional afternoon round of trash collection is slated for January 31 (Chinese New Year’s Eve) for the convenience of residents. Garbage pickup will not be available for the first three days of Chinese New Year. It will resume on February 4 for standard trash, and the next day for recyclable and oversized wastes.
For those who need to throw away garbage during the CNY holiday, please refer to the DEP Chinese website for a list of 32 collection stops across Taipei, which are open between 6 AM and 11 PM.
Please check the chart below for details on garbage pickup during CNY:

Date Trash Collection Kitchen Waste Collection Recycling Waste Oversized Waste
Jan. 29 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jan. 30 Yes Yes Yes No
Jan. 31 (CNY Eve) Yes Yes Yes No
Feb. 1 (CNY Day) No No No No
Feb. 2 (CNY Day 2) No No No No
Feb. 3 (CNY Day 3) No No No No
Feb. 4 (CNY Day 4) Yes Yes Yes No
Feb. 5 (CNY Day 5) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Feb. 6 No No No No