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Mayor Attends Slow Fashion Show, Shares City’s Senior Citizen Policies

Mayor Ko with senior citizens at the press conferenceMayor Ko Wen-je attended the “Slow Fashion Show” Exhibition on October 15. The exhibition is part of the Double-nine Festival activity series. He joined the attendees for a song of The Moon Represents My Heart and toured the photo gallery comprising over 100 pictures from past eras.
As he passed by the gallery and displays, the mayor recalled fond memories of locations such as the Camera Street and Zhongshan Bridge in the past, as well as nostalgic items such as old cellular phones and stock management PDAs. He even picked up and played with some of the devices.
During his address, the mayor noted that the Department of Social Welfare implemented the “Taipei: Aging with You Slowly” program targeting the elderly. The approach calls upon seniors above the age of 65 not to retire immediately, but to stay working or remain involved with society. As Taiwan confronts the challenges of an aging population, there is a need to help elders “age” more slowly by encouraging them to move around more.
As for Taipei’s senior welfare, Ko stressed that the primary emphasis is to make sure that seniors remain active. The city government will subsidize health insurance costs for elders in a timely and appropriate way. It is also working on improving infrastructures such as mass transit systems, making them more accessible so elders will use them more frequently. Activities targeting seniors also help to keep them involved and active.
Talking about keeping up with his own physical training, Ko pointed out that Taipei’s 12 district sports centers are mainly designed with young people in mind. There is no sports facility design specifically for senior citizens. He announced that the City’s next step is to explore such possibility, hoping to make Taipei even more friendly towards senior citizens.