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Burn off Your Extra Calories at Neihu Recreational Sports Park

 Kids enjoying the extreme sports facility at the park.With the 9-day-long Chinese New Year holiday right around the corner, are you worried about putting on some extra weight following days of festivities? If you are looking for a great outdoor place for workouts and exercise, the city government recommends visiting the Neihu Recreational Sports Park.
Built on top of the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant, the 3.8-hectare Neihu Recreational Sports Park comprises facilities such as sandbox, rock climbing wall, extreme sports training ground, and polyurethane athletics tracks. All the aforementioned facilities are accessible to the public for free.
Director Kao of Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant noted that the park is a great place for the entire family to spend time together and burn some calories. Kids can play at the sandbox and adults can run around the tracks to burn off extra calories. It is also an ideal place for picnics, with great views of planes landing and taking-off from the airport nearby. From the skybridge, pedestrians can enjoy the sunset along the riverbank with Taipei 101 in the background.
The Sewer Engineering Office pointed out that the construction of the park is made possible after relocating the sewage treatment plant underground. The subterranean design of the recycling facility allows the park and surrounding areas to be free of odors while allowing neighborhood residents to benefit from having a multi-functional green space within a short walking distance.
Those planning to visit the park are reminded that pandemic prevention measures are still in place. They should wear face mask, wash their hands often, and maintain social distancing while inside the park.
How to get to the park:

  1. By Bus: Buses 552, 63, S2, and BL26 all have stops at the Neihu Recreational Sports Park. Those taking buses 204 and 518 can disembark at Xinhu Xingzhong Road Intersection bus stop, which is about a 3-minute walk from the park.
Driving: Vehicles can exit Tiding Boulevard Section 1 and enter the parking lot on the west side of the park. Motorcyclists can park at the roadside parking spaces via Jiuzong Road Section 2.