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Velo-city Global 2016 Parade is open for registration starting from today.

Taipei City is going to host Velo-city Global 2016 from February 27th to March 1st, 2016. The big highlight event of the conference, which is called “Fun Cycling in Taipei & the International New Year Party”, will start to open up registration on the Velo-city 2016 official website from the noon of January 5th. The allowed numbers of participant is limited to 4000 persons and will close the registration after it is full. The event program includes carnival float parades, fun and relaxed cycling tours, Push Bike fun competition games for children, mountain bike Pump Track experience, Taiwanese night market food, and other various enjoyable activities. Beside the insurance covered and food and beverage supply, the NT$ 200 registration fee will also give a free event backpack as souvenirs and a NT$ 100 value meal voucher.
The cycling parade will set off from the front square of the Taipei City Hall and go along Ren’ai Road and then take Xinsheng Elevated Road. It is a great one-time opportunity to enjoy cycling with the parade group in Taipei’s downtown urban district as well as beautiful riverside parks. During the journey, you can also see creative colorful floats, Techno-Dancing Third Prince and other mascots participates in the parade. When the parade groups come back to the front square, all kinds of delicious Taiwanese snacks will be served for participants to taste and experience Taiwan’s unique night market culture. Also, a variety of Taiwan’s performance shows will take places at the front square. With the annual Lantern’s Festival element addition and other countries’ performance, this exciting and international party will definitely not disappoint you.
Meanwhile, in order to promote safety of cycling, on February 25th there will be an International Cyclist Safety Education Forum talk be hosted and the invited lecturers from Cycling Embassy of Denmark will share the related experience. In addition, the Child Cycling Safety Education Experience Camp will be held on February 27th. This event will have 4 separated groups, which can accommodate a total of 240 children to join and learn everything about cycling together, hoping to promote cycling activities and strengthen cycling safety education.
Finally, the host has planned a series of eight half-day cycling tours to guide participants through diverse city of Taipei in a relaxed mood during the conference. Besides, with the cooperation of the civil cycling societies, one to three days cycling tours have been planned for applicants to learn and experience the culture and beauty of Taiwan with optional destinations such as Guishan Island in Yilan County, Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County, and Taroko National Park in Hualien County. For more information about the registration of the Velo-city parade, please go to http://www.velo-city2016-parade.com/index_en.php or the Velo-city 2016 official website at http://www.velo-city2016.com/index.php/en/.