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Baishihu Community Wins Third Place at Golden Village Competition

Baishihu Community wins the bronze medal at the 2021 Golden Village CompetitionThe Baishihu Community took part in the Second Golden Village Competition organized by the Executive Yuan’s Council of Agriculture and brought home the bronze medal! The representatives of the community received the trophy from President Tsai Ing-wen during the award ceremony on December 21.
The Department of Economic Development (DOED) pointed out that Baishihu Community, located in Neihu District, is one of the few remaining farm communities in Taipei City. The community has worked hard to promote friendly agriculture and food grower education.
However, due to the lack of an organizational structure and a management strategy among the residents and local businesses, the community members have a hard time expanding the market. With help from DOED, community members underwent 68 hours of farm village revitalization training spread out across 4 stages between 2016 and 2019. It also passed the evaluation as revitalized farming community in February of 2021 and won third place at the Golden Village Competition in December. The farming community is an exemplary case of public-private collaboration.
Executive Secretary Lin Tsui-e of Baishihu Community Development Association remarked that through training and consultation provided by DOED, community residents learned more about investment and sacrifice, allowing them to optimize community resources. Within the community, members arrived at common grounds on shared interest, shared success, and shared prosperity to implement the concept of a farming establishment near the city. The community continue to work with the directives outlined by the city government’s white papers on agriculture policies highlighting “friendly food growers, leisure farms, sustainability and durability.”
For those who would like to experience firsthand the charm of farming community at Baishihu, vist the community by taking the metro to MRT Neihu Station or Bus S2. The community is within a 15-minute walk from the station and bus stop.
For more information, please visit the Chinese Facebook page of Baishihu Community or DOED .