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Mayor Experiences Bike-sharing, Visits Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange

Mayor Chiang and members of the delegation traveling on bicycle along Pudong Binjiang Bicycle TrailOn the third day of the Taipei-Shanghai City Forum, Mayor Chiang Wan-an took some time in the morning to try out the shared bicycle rental service with members of Taipei’s delegation. They rode along Pudong Binjiang Bicycle Trail and enjoyed breakfast at local shops.

The Pudong Binjiang Bicycle Trail is a popular destination for visitors in Shanghai to take selfies and photos during the Chinese New Year period. The design of the trail completely separates the bicycle trails from the pedestrian walkway. There are also abundant support facilities along the route for cyclists, including cycling support stations, rest areas, and restrooms. The mayor noted that he was able to enjoy the scenery along the way, experiencing the great outdoor while enjoying exercising.

The city delegation members later arrived at the Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange. The institution was established in 2008 as the first environmental energy trading platform authorized by the Shanghai City Government. It is the designated trading platform for carbon emission trading trials. The platform incorporated 2,162 key entities in the carbon-emitting power producer list for the first time in 2021, which accounted for nearly 4.5 billion tons in carbon emission.

Chiang remarked that the delegation has a busy schedule in Shanghai. From the airport, the delegation traveled to the Yangshan Port to witness a modernized and automated facility. Next, they stopped by the Shanghai Laogang Ecological Base to learn about how the site transitioned from a landfill to a comprehensive ecological base.

The mayor hopes that the two cities can have common goals, allowing them to learn from each other in the domain of city policy implementation. He also cited the visit to the Shanghai Library East – a building boasting a modern and fashionable design – yesterday afternoon. The facility is currently the largest standalone library in the Asia, boasting an appearance characterized by sharp edges and diagonal planes. The concept of the edifice highlights carbon reduction and sustainability. The building’s unique surface design lessens the heat from sunlight exposure, and the air between two layers of glass lowers helps lower the temperature and reduce power consumption.

According to the mayor, there are two areas during the trip which left him with major impressions, which are respectively the emphasis on the environment and sustainability, and the spotlight on culture and humanities. These are domains where Taipei City used to be proud of, and he looks forward to further exchange opportunities in the future.