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The best of nature. Free pecial fertilizer open for application.

The Parks and Street Lights Office,Public Works Department,Taipei City Government special fertilizer will be available on July 22 (Monday). This free application has 480 packs and the number is limited. People who need it please apply as soon as possible.
Using natural fermentation, the fertilizer is non-toxic and odorless. Its granule can help improve the quality of soil and supplement of fertilizer. Also, it is friendly to the environment. From the end of 2017, more than 3000 packs of fertilizer have been provided and praised by people. The application will be open again in this season. People who interest in it can go to website(Chinese) for application.
Method of application:
1. Please apply to the Farmcity website(Chinese) soil amendment application page from 10:00 am on July 17, 2019. The application will end when running out.
2. This project is only applied for "Taipei Citizen" and pastoral city construction of ”Green Roof”. Please fill in the unit column "Taipei Citizen" or OOOO Green Roof”, and be sure to fill in the real information. Each person may only apply one per season. Please do not re-apply.
3. After receiving the application, please check the notification mail from the Garden City. You can bring your identity card to the government department and receive the fertilizer at 108/7/22~108/7/26, 14:00~16:00. If you do not go to receive it during the period, you will be deemed to have given up.
4. Fertilizers are only packed in chain bags. Each bag is about 10 liters. The receiving unit will not provide a bag. Please bring your own bag.