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​Registration Available for Weekend Environmental Classes at Shezidao

​Registration Available for Weekend Environmental Classes at ShezidaoAs we head into late autumn, the migratory birds are back, and so too are the environmental education classes organized by the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO)! Taking place at the Shezidao wetlands, the weekend environmental education classes are suited for entire families, organizations, and group visitors. Registration for the classes are accepted starting today!
Furthermore, those successfully registering for the classes can attend bonus environmental education activity at Jinrui Flood Management Park!
According to the HEO, the subsiding of the pandemic and the return of the migratory birds create a great opportunity for families to bring their young ones to explore the rich ecosystem of the Shezidao wetlands. Starting in October, the environmental protection program will spotlight the fiddler crabs. Combining classroom lesson and field exploration, the organizers welcome families with kids between 5 and 7 to sign up for the class!
For those who wish to learn about the Shezidao wetland, HEO also offers guided tour for groups of 15 or more, with options available for different age groups:

  1. Families with kids between 7 and 9 can take part in the “Wetland Animal Survival Guide”, where they will learn about how these animals survive and their secret weapons against enemies.
  2. For those with 10 to 12-year-old youngsters, “Breath of Water – the Ultimate Maneuvers of Wetland Organisms” will educate participants on how tidal and wetland plant life tackle the challenging environment.
  3. Middle-schoolers can sign up for the reed cutting session, where they can learn more about how to manage man-made habitat while enjoying the fun of removing overgrown reeds.
  4. For the public, “Reading about Shezidao” will take participants on a journey into the past of Shezidao and learn how the terrain evolved over the past hundreds of years.
HEO remarked that in addition to the environment protection classes at Shezidao, there will also be classes at the Jinrui Flood Management Park from October through December. Tour guides will take participants on a trip to the dragonfly theme area and learn about flood prevention and habitat conservation, as well as the frogs, birds, and other animals that populate the area. A total of 8 sessions are available for signup.
To register, please call the agency during office hours (02-77516513, ext. 226 or 303) or via email (ffe@ff-eco.com).