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2019 Zhuzihu Hydrangea Festival – “Feast of Love – Picnic Concert”

* After several days of gloomy weather, people can finally enjoy some sunny afternoon over the weekend. The Department of Economic Development (DOED) of Taipei City Government held the Feast of Love – Picnic Concert today (June 16) at the square next to Calla Lily Boulevard in Zhuzihu, Yangmingshan, inviting more than 300 people to experience the summer sentiments while the hydrangeas are in full bloom. Economic Development Commissioner Lin Chung-chieh, Deputy Spokesperson Huang Ching-yin, and the highly popular Bravo all attended the function to interact with the audience amid a festive ambiance. Hutian Village Chief Tsao Chang-cheng and Hutian Community Development Associations Director Chen Yung-ju also enjoyed a picnic with local residents.

According to Commissioner Lin, Zhuzihu in Yangmingshan has finally been transformed into the third agri-tourism area in Taipei City thanks to the efforts of various parties. This year, the event has been expanded to include the hydrangea festival immediately after the romantic, white Calla Lilly Festival. A series of landscape installations and experiential activities were designed, and collaborations were forged with shopping districts in Shilin, Beitou, and Tianmu to facilitate exchange, learning, and interaction between various industries in order to generate more possibilities.

The organizer of “Feast of Love – Picnic Concert” made use of local ingredients to prepare the snacks for the public as a token of appreciation for their enthusiastic support. Furthermore, installation artist Lee Kuei-chih has designed a bespoke art installation entitled Hope Flower Nest using bamboo and hydrangeas from Zhuzihu, Yangmingshan. Situated next to Miaobang Square by Calla Lily Boulevard, the artwork has attracted countless people to take photos, creating an artistic vibe that evokes images of the hydrangea. For the concert, Truku Bunun - a two-man band consisting of singers of Taroko and Bunun lineage - will be livening up the atmosphere with their heavenly voices as many young audiences sway and resonate with the rhythm of the music. The feminine, sweet voice of artist Lin Ssu-hua performing various flower-themed songs introduces melodious sound to Zhuzihu, Yangmingshan in the afternoon, allowing the citizens to soak up the leisurely, picnic vibe.

When the flowering period started in May, hydrangeas had proven to be exceptionally popular among the public, making it a favorable destination for outdoor photography, Instagram and checking in. The biggest attraction of Zhuzihu during the hydrangea flowering period is the explosion of new colors and species, forming a spectacular sea of blooming hydrangeas that attract countless people to visit Yangmingshan. The DOED will continue to launch hydrangea-themed activities, including the family DIY course and Radiance of Love Concert on June 22 and 29 respectively. For more information, please browse the “臺北市產業局-台北饗樂趣” Facebook fan page or the official website of the DOED.