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  Taipei City Government announced today (November 1, 2016) the official launch of “Input Initiative – Taipei City Government Single Window Complaint System” (hereinafter referred to as “the Initiative”) (https://hello.gov.taipei/Front/main), which integrates “City Affairs Mailbox,” “1999 Citizen Hotline,” and counter or phone inquiry services of all agencies. The Initiative is designed to realize Mayor Ko’s ideal of “open government and public participation,” and expected to help the administration understand people’s needs, detect potential incidents or matters required attentions, analyze collected information, and further serve as a reference for decision making.
  The single window system allows people to file requests concerning their daily living on the website or with the app, such as trash and noise management, household water supplies, broken street lights, dysfunctional traffic signals, etc. They can write about the problems, upload photos, and give location information anytime with mobile devices. Once a request is received in the system, it would be automatically dispatched to the responsible agencies. All the cases are completely processed online, as a result, the efficiency is significantly enhanced.
  The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government indicates that the Initiative will also include two more major systems, “Open Data” and “Big Data,” in the future. As the database integration and de-identification of all information are completed, the data will be released for the use of the public. It is hoped to encourage creative and value-added uses of the data and become a reference for all agencies in formulating policies.