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City Kicks-off Municipality Leader Exchanges for 2021 at Hsinchu County

Art editor ImgThe members of Taipei’s delegation members arrived at Hsinchu County on March 20 as the first stop of the city government’s municipality leader exchanges for 2021.
Under the arrangement of Hsinchu County Government, the delegation toured several locations in Hsinchu County, including the TSMC Museum of Innovation and the Beipu Historical Sites. Mayor Ko Wen-je expressed his gratitude to Magistrate Yang Wen-ke and his staff for their warm reception and hopes that such exchanges will help to promote learning and experience exchanges between municipalities.
The exchange session between the two municipalities took place at the Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel. During his address, Mayor Ko pointed out that he has a fair amount of knowledge about Hsinchu County because he’s from Hsinchu City. As the home base for Taiwan’s high-tech industries, Hsinchu County boasts facilities such as Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu Industrial Park, Taiyuen Hi-tech Industrial Park, and Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. During an earlier visit to TSMC, Ko mentioned to his guide – a senior deputy manager – that the company is considered Taiwan’s “Sacred Mountain.”
Mayor Ko pointed out that Hsinchu County has been very proactive in promoting the Cultural and Technological Smart City Project in recent years. The vision of the project is similar to those of Taipei’s in terms of creating a smart city. He hopes that city officials of the two municipalities will take advantage of this opportunity and learn from each other.
As the host of the exchange event, Magistrate Yang expressed his warm welcome to the delegation from Taipei. He noted that it is a rare opportunity to see the mayor of the capital city on an official visit to Hsinchu, describing the occasion as an “occasion of the century”. The magistrate also invited renowned painters Hsieh Shih-hung and Ssu-tu Chin-ying to jointly create a brush painting portraying Dabajian Mountain, which was presented to Mayor Ko as a gift.