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Mayor Meets Disadvantage Students Embarking on Dream-fulfilment Trip

At the invitation of city councilor Ho Chih-wei, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended that press conference for the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Taipei’s Global Dream Fulfillment Project for Kids from Disadvantaged Families on July 18.

The participants of the current project include 9 kids from elementary schools in Shezi, Guandu, and Luzhou. He commended the young students and encouraged them to take in what they see during the upcoming trip. He hopes the trip will broaden their horizon and help Taipei to become more internationalized.

Ko also expressed his gratitude to JCI Taipei for helping to make the trip a reality. He noted that the organization has over 60 years of history. With the majority of members being 40 or younger, the organization is filled with energy. With help from JCI Taipei, these outstanding yet comparatively economically disadvantaged families will be able to travel abroad and visit other nations. He described it as an act in support of social welfare.

The mayor remarked that he constantly emphasizes the importance of bringing Taiwan to the world and the world to come and visit Taiwan, thereby raising Taiwan’s international profile. This is why he refrained from cutting expenditures on international conferences and study trips, realizing the importance on how such occasions will help staff members acquire international views and new perspectives.

After looking through the schedule, the mayor pointed out that the young students will need to walk for 10 kilometers each day during the 3-day trip, as well as taking part in activities such as carrying mikoshi. He encourages the kids to interact with over 300 peers from around the world during the trip and not to forget that they represent Taiwan.