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Charity Foundation Holds Anniversary Banquet

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a dinner banquet organized by Chen An Cultural and Educational Foundation to celebrate its 33rd anniversary and annual meeting for the organization’s charity commission members.

During his address, the mayor remarked that he was here last year to present awards, and now he’s back again. He pointed out that Chen An foundation has assisted the city government in many areas, including social welfare and education-related activities. He expressed his gratitude to the members for their contribution and called out to the audience to work together to make Taipei a better and happier place.

The mayor cited the organization’s numerous charity efforts, including scholarships, emergency funds for winter periods, charity breads, house visits, blood drives, and more. He believes that the effect of a single penny spent by the private sector has more effect than the same amount spent by the government.

Thanking the foundation again, Ko lamented that the government cannot look after every kid with needs and is very grateful for the help provided by the foundation. However, the foundation cannot carry out its duty with anyone alone – it would need the help of many people.

After his speech, the mayor handed out awards to over 80 recipients and joined the guests for dinner.