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​Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government Press Release

​Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government Press ReleaseReleased by: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government
Posted on: 2021/10/29
Contact: Section Chief Sun-Yi Yang of the Digital Innovation Center
Telephone: 02-27208889 Ext. 8588
Learning without Boundaries - Taipei x Queensland Webinar
Digital Transformation Facilitating Learning Without Classroom for Pandemic Control
  The Department of Information Technology and the Department of Education of Taipei City Government held the Learning without Boundaries - Taipei x Queensland Webinar with the GO SMART, the Australian Office in Taipei and the Trade and Investment Queensland on the afternoon of October 28 to discuss smart learning without borders during the pandemic era. The event was streamed by the TPMO (link available at https://reurl.cc/Mkj57K), with experts in the fields of digital transformation and education of smart cities sharing their experience.
Wen-je Ko, the mayor of Taipei city stated that Gold Coast City and Taipei have established sister cities for more than 30 years, and they have been interacting closely. Through today’s seminar, we shared our experience in governance and the smart solutions, under the threat of the pandemic. In comparison with state-to-state exchanges, city diplomacy has more flexibility and possibility. In addition to smart education, we look forward to the future cooperation between our two cities on economy, tourism and other important issues to enhance the welfare of citizens and make the world a better place for all.
  The world has been facing the challenges of the novel coronavirus pandemic since 2019, triggering waves of smart governance and digital transformation. The City Government of Taipei has vigorously advocated for smart education since 2018 and the efforts cover optical fiber network, procurement of mobile devices, 5G, AI and cloud applications to incorporate VR and AR into learning, further driving the use of data in learning and giving everyone a glimpse of various looks of education in the future. The emergence of “blended learning”during the pandemic has enabled breakthroughs in time, space, path and progress of learning and smart education incorporating both virtual and real learning modes into the teaching design has certainly provided alternatives during the pandemic.
  Simon Lu, the Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology stated that the 1st collaboration on the topic of smart city between Taipei City and Queensland focused on smart education, a field in the concept of Taipei Smart City 1+7 fields framework. “We look forward to more exchanges in interdisciplinary in the future, and make it better together.” The interdisciplinary collaboration also invited the Department of Education to discuss smart learning topics and the contingency measures for education across border during the pandemic period. Taipei shared its implementation experience of Taipei CooC-Cloud platform, which facilitates students' online learning through technology, with the representatives from online study abroad companies in the Gold Coast and resources consolidation, teacher training and evaluation for bilingual education programs with the online teacher training program offered by the Department of Education of Queensland. The sharing and interactions between the parties showed the adoption of technology to break the space limitations and border barriers and digital platforms can certainly help learning without classroom and boundaries.