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Expo Park Farmers’ Market in July: Mushrooms, Pears, and More

Mushrooms from Changhua CountyWith the summer heat in full swing and kids readying for summer vacation, the Farmer’s Market at Taipei Expo Park will spotlight knowledge related to agriculture and the environment as this month’s theme.
On July 5, the “Floriculture Expert” event will take place at the main stage, inviting parents and kids to sign up for the challenge. Participants will have a chance to bring home a tiffany-blue reusable shopping bag, as well as fruits and vegetables. The contest is limited to 27 teams, and a receipt indicating purchases of NT$200 or more is required for registration.
        Numerous freebies will be given away at the farmers’ market to loyal customers in July and August. Shoppers who spend NT$500 or more can exchange for a reusable shopping bags – only 50 are available each day. In addition, the first 50 customers each day who produce a receipt showing purchases of NT$1,000 or more can choose from either a large-size shopping bag or a copy of Extra-Ordinary Taipei. Likewise, visitors with purchases of NT$2,500 or more can bring home a Extra-Ordinary Taipei canvas bag (limited to 8 per day), while shoppers spending NT$3,000 receives a green bamboo shoot mascot doll (limited to 5 per day).
        Also, the North Region Farmers’ Produce Promotion Zone is also holding a promotion campaign to attract people using the stimulus vouchers. The first event is a stamp card rally, where customers can collect 1 stamp for purchases of NT$50 or more at any of the 5 stalls in the zone. People acquiring 5 stamps can turn them in for a NT$50 farmers’ market voucher. For customers spending their NT$200 stimulus voucher at the zone, he or she receives 5 stamps (1 extra stamp), while the use of NT$500 stimulus voucher earns 13 points (3 extra stamps). The farmers’ market vouchers are limited, so pick them up while supplies last!
        The first weekend (July 4-5) will feature mushrooms and honey from Changhua County, promising to attract customers ranging from cooks seeking ingredients to elders looking for a healthy diet. The second weekend (July 11 – 12) will spotlight delicious Yilan pears. The pears from Taiwan, which is in season, are known for their crunchiness and watery sweetness. The tea leaves and pineapples from Nantou County will be the focus of attention on the third weekend (July 18 – 19), as these produces are great choices for a summertime afternoon break. Finally, the fourth weekend (July 25 – 26) offers visitors an opportunity to purchase mango and dragon fruits from Tainan.