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Young Blood Needed - Youth Park Recruiting Volunteers

Youth Park seeking young volunteers In order to facilitate the ecologization of parks, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) of the Public Works Department and The Society of Wilderness have begun recruiting volunteers for the 2020 Youth Park Protection Volunteer Squad, which will last until March 2.

Anyone aged 18 or older who is passionate about ecology and willing to engage in volunteer service may sign up for the squad. Those who are admitted will attend a one-and-a-half-month-long training course including theoretical and practical components to introduce them to the diverse array of wetland flora in the park. They also get to learn how to preserve habitats and conduct ecological guided tours; besides increasing people’s ecological awareness, volunteers also contribute towards the park’s ecology. Everyone is welcome to sign up for the volunteer squad.

According to PSLO Director Chen Jung-Hsing, the Youth Park located in the Wanhua District is one of the major metropolitan parks in Taipei City, featuring vast expanses of forest coverage and green space, making it an important habitat for wild flora and fauna in the city. At the same time, the park boasts a longstanding history and development background; as a former military training ground during the Japanese occupation period, it was later converted into an airfield to complement the Taipei Songshan Airport in north Taipei, leading it to also be known as Nanjichang (south airfield). The park is surrounded by military housing and public housing, and it emanates a unique cultural ambiance, making the Youth Park a community park endowed with qualities such as nature and culture. In order to bring together and increase community awareness, as well as to let the public gain deeper insight into the region’s cultural and natural environment, the PSLO and The Society of Wilderness collaborated to organize the second Youth Park Protection Volunteer Squad training course during March 3 and April 28. Anyone with a passion for flora, fauna, ecological conservation, and a willingness to serve are invited to join the ranks of the volunteers in order to create an ecological space that is exclusively theirs.

Youth Park Management Division Director Wang Shu-Ya pointed out that the Youth Park volunteer squad training course was carried out the year before last in collaboration with The Society of Wilderness, and it was well-received among the public. The volunteers carry out habitat maintenance operations and ecological guided tours by the water ecology area in the Youth Park during the holidays, thereby progressively improving the park’s ecology. This year, new volunteers will be recruited, hoping to inject new vigor into the volunteer squad by introducing new blood so that the squad will be better equipped to protect their beloved home. You are cordially invited to join forces with other volunteers to ecologize the Youth Park, in turn making this space full of ecological value, rich culture and history a more magnificent place. Let us turn thoughts about environmental protection into tangible action!

The 2020 Youth Park Protection Volunteer Squad Training Course intends to recruit approximately 30 volunteers. The Society of Wilderness will provide fundamental theory courses and practical training from March 3 to April 28 (12 classes totaling 48 hours). The courses will be conducted at The Society of Wilderness lecture room, Youth Park, and Wanli Wetland Education Center. In the future, the volunteer squad will assist in activities including park ecologization and transformation, environmental patrols, environmental education and guided tours. Together, we can all make a contribution to improve the quality of the park’s ecological environment. Everyone interested in and passionate about the park’s ecological environment is invited to sign up for the volunteer squad (registration website).