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"Safe Taipei, Healthy Life" - Neihu, Wenshan, Nangang, Datong and Xinyi District of Taipei City are re-designated as memers of the network of International Safe Communities

Five safe communities at Neihu, Wenshan, Nangang, Datong, and Xinyi Districts of Taipei City integrated with business, governments, education and civil groups in their regions to establish promoting groups. These groups use public, private sectors and community resources to spot and to solve safety issues in their communities by driving safety-promoting projects. On December 4, 2015, these five districts are re-disignated as members of the network of International Safe Communities. And Neihu safe community is the first one to be certificated for the third time in the country. This fully exhibited how proactive they are on community safety and health. The core value of safe community is to continuously pursue safer life and environment. Most importantly, with the community collaboration and the participation of fellows in communities, Taipei City can be well-known in the world. We hope can cooperate with each other on the sustainable development for the safe community, and to build an environment for safe living and healthy happy. Let Taipei become a safer city. Neihu safe community are certificated with "International Safe Community" for the third time.
Neihu safe community are certificated with “International Safe Community” for the third time.