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Zhongzheng Diversified Care Center Inaugurated

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Taipei City Zhongzheng District Diversified Care Center on August 2.
Zhongzheng District used to be one of the administrative districts of Taipei where the city government did not set up care centers due to the expensive real estate prices. The mayor noted that the final pieces of the puzzle has been acquired today, accomplishing the milestone of “one care center for each district”.
According to Ko, there are two principles for setting up care centers: “community-ness” and diversity. He believes that care for senior citizens should become more diversified – healthy elders should have space to exercise and move about, while those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other complications will require specialized care – or even care at home. Therefore, the daycare center is a base for homecare.
The mayor noted that the purpose of his visit is to learn about the administering of “respite care.” One of the special traits of Zhongzheng District Diversified Care Center is the home care service for disabled elders in the community, as well as temporary residence service for elders whose family members need to leave home for a short period.
Stressing that the goal of the city government is setting up 30 senior daycare centers, Ko pointed out that the plan will continue to move forward after establishing 17 facilities.