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Wet Fun for Kids at Daja Riverside Park Water Playground

Kids playing at the Water PlaygroundWith temperature rising above 36-degree Celsius, where can you expect to find some watery fun to shake off the summer heat?
To attract visitors, the Dajia Riverside Park Water Playground has announced daily fountain shows in the months of July and August. There’s also a sandbox area where parents can bring kids for an entire day – free of charge!
According to the Hydraulic Engineering Office, the Water Playground features water-spraying facilities such as archways, round pillars and large-size inflatable flowers. The summertime fountain shows will take place daily at the following time: 10:00 – 10:40 AM, 11:00 – 11:40 AM, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
The agency pointed out that the sandbox area at the park comes with an outdoor shade to protect kids from the blazing sun. The venue is located within a few steps from the water playground. To make things more enjoyable for toddlers, there are even three “dinosaur fossils” buried beneath the sand awaiting discovery.
In addition, the newly completed “Ocean Playground” boasts a selection of playground equipment such as double-track rope slide and parent-and-kid swings. Come and try them out!
How to Get There:
Enter the riverside park via either Keelung River Gate 8 (Binjiang Evacuation Gate) or 9 (Dajia Evacuation Gate) and walk in the direction of Hope Fountain.
Bus: 72, 222 (Riverside Park Dajia Section), and S9 (Evacuation Gate 8)
MRT: From MRT Yuanshan Station, take R34 to Evacuation Gate 8 stop (bus only operates on weekend and holidays)