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Evolving Pond Ecology – Nangang Park Energy Tour Is in Vogue!

One of the parks in Nangang Life is inundated with negative energy, so you need the positive vibes of the Nangang Park Energy Tour! In an attempt to bolster the advantages of Nangang Park, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) of the Public Works Department has completely renovated the park, successfully joining and beautifying the park’s facilities such as the ecological pond, Kingfisher reserve, Forest Adventure children’s playground, and energy square, etc., transforming Nangang Park into the most distinctive waterfront and ecological energy park. Mayor Ko Wen-Je embarked on an energy journey to the Nangang Park on December 6 to appreciate the charisma of the brand new Nangang Park.

Ko pointed out that the Nangang Park renovation project is part of the East District Gateway Project aimed at improving the public environment. In regards to public environment enhancement, the Sifen River reconstruction project, Yucheng Park and Nanxing Park renovation projects have already been completed. In the future, the development of Sinsin Park will be implemented to complete the East District’s park system and in turn, elevate the quality of outdoor activity space for citizens.

According to PSLO Director Chen Jung-Hsing, Nangang Park was constructed in Houshanpi, Nangang District in 1987. As a result, many of its facilities have become outdated and are in urgent need of replacement. The renovation project involves the construction of an activity square, energy square, PU runway, gazebo, permeable paving, and rainwater tank, etc. The overall planning emphasizes landscape and ambiance design, environmental functionality, and the introduction of energy to the park along with the concept of sponge city. With the goal of ecological and water conservation in mind, extensive permeable paving has been applied in conjunction with the rainwater tank to collect, store, and reuse rainwater that has seeped underground, thereby reducing the temperature in the city and mitigating Taipei Basin’s Heat Island Effect. Furthermore, it also serves ecological conservation and environmental education purposes.

PSLO Nangang Park Management Division Chief Chang Hsiu-Chu commented that Dutch biologist Jaap van Etten has discovered an exceptionally high energy index across area radius of 16,000m, and the therapeutic effect of walking in the park for one hour is equivalent to staying in the forest for an entire day. Consequently, the agency has established energy squares at the north corner, south corner and high ground in the center of the park, using nature as the medium complemented by the arrangement of the 5 elements to convey energy through the energy tower, rocks and wood. The citizens are welcome to experience the energy by sitting on the ground or touching the elements with their hands.

Chengfu Borough Chief Pu Hsueh-Ming expressed that the children’s playground has always been one of the most anticipated facilities in the park, therefore it has been totally revamped. The accessible boardwalk is constructed in accordance with the undulating terrain to reach the forest area and create the Forest Adventure inclusive playground featuring novel rides such as the Extreme Zipline, Soaring Dreams, Interactive Circular Skynet, and Treehouse Slide. Furthermore, astonishing ideas from the children’s workshop were also incorporated to create the brand new Nangang Park.

Liu Pao-Yun, a centenarian and a resident of Xinguang Borough, has been coming to the park to walk, practice Qigong, and exercise. He said with a smile that the renovation project took a long time and he’d really looked forward to the new park. Now that it is completed, he is extremely satisfied with the outcome. After the park’s renovation, Mr. Liu has nothing but praise for the new exercise equipment and the trail; he also likes to exercise in the new activity square because of its large roof that can keep him away from the elements, allowing him to exercise, rain or shine.

Mrs. Chen, whose child is in kindergarten, commented that many kindergartens lack the necessary space for kids’ activities, therefore she brings her child to the park to exercise after school. After the reconstruction, the park now offers more challenging playground space and facilities that are ideal for fostering the development of children’s 5 senses and vestibular system. Her child will not go home before he has had some fun at the park. Ms. Chang, a Taipei citizen, commented that she comes to the park to walk every week, and she always meditates at the energy square for 10 minutes. When there are fewer people in the park during weekdays, she can truly experience the energy of the energy tower through meditation, and she feels completely refreshed and recharged after her meditation!

Nangang Park embodies the achievements of the East District Gateway Project’s public area improvement measures to continue the heritage of Nangang Pond, soften the rigid concrete space of the urban waterfront, as well as focusing on the re-utilization of water resources and the preservation of Kingfisher ecology in order to create a green ecological waterfront. Citizens are welcome to visit the park to experience and appreciate the new features!