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Chengde Volunteer Fire Station are Organized to Reinforce the Capability of Firefighting and Rescue in Nangang District

The inauguration ceremony of Chengde Volunteer Fire Station was held today at Chengde Fire Station. The joint of a new volunteer fire station enhances the capability of firefighting and rescue in Nangang District. 

Nangang has developed rapidly and becomes a focal area of major constructions, such as Nangang Software Park, Nangang Exhibition Hall, and Nangang station. The station is joint with three railways (train, high speed rail, and metro) and a shopping mall. The workloads of keeping the public safe in these constructions and rescuing injured or missing tourists in Four Beasts hiking trails become heavier than before. Hence, Taipei City Fire Department decided to organize a new volunteer fire station to reinforce the capability of firefighting and rescue in Nangang District. Through recruiting and trainings, citizens who have a passion for firefighting and rescue could be volunteer firefighters with certificates. 

The government’s budget is finite, but the private sector’s resources are infinite. With mutual collaboration between firefighters and volunteer firefighters, the abilities of disaster prevention and rescue can elevate to ensure citizens' lives and properties. Taipei City Fire Department call for more passionate citizens to join volunteer firefighters. With your participation, we can make Taipei City safer and more resilient.