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Taipei Music Center Restaurant Wins Indoor Air Quality Gold Certification

Taipei Music Center's Saloon on the Overpass wins indoor air quality gold certificationTo promote cleaner indoor air quality in the post pandemic era, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) introduced the “Indoor Air Quality Certified Facility Promotion Project” in early 2023.

The goal of the project is to encourage businesses and agencies to work on improving indoor air quality at buildings and facilities, which will help lower the possibility of indoor contagion. Measures such as overhauling ventilation mechanism and installing air cleaning filter systems are factors to be reviewed during the evaluation process. Obtaining the certification from DEP will help businesses appeal to customers and clients who prefer environment with quality indoor air.

On May 17, Commissioner Wu Sheng-chung personally delivered the gold certificate to the team at “Saloon on the Overpass” restaurant at Taipei Music Center for meeting the strict standards.

According to the commissioner, Saloon on the Overpass utilized methods such as UV-C lamp, nanoe technology, and ionizer purifiers to minimize the risk of virus transmittance indoors. In the interest of providing customers with a quality and safe dining environment, the restaurant applied for the air quality certification. After monitoring, DEP unveiled the stats which included an average CO2 concentration of 439 ppm and an average bacterial concentration of 227 CFU/m3 at the restaurant. These figures made the restaurant eligible for gold certification.

DEP remarked that since the introduction of certification standards in March, there has been an increase of inquiries regarding the project. Currently, a total of 21 institutions and facilities have applied for evaluation. In addition to Saloon on the Overpass, gold certification has been awarded to the follows: Breeze Center food court, Red Ox Bro Hot Pot Store’s Songjiang flagship branch, Lan Tan Postpartum Nursing Care Center, Xiao Qingtian Big Baby Postpartum Nursing Home, Gemcare Maternity Center Dunhua Branch, and Ming Court Restaurant at Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei.