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Red Light Duration Shortened in Response to Sweltering Summer Heat

traffic light There are currently 2,639 intersections with traffic lights in Taipei City, and traffic light timing is determined by elements such as traffic flow, pedestrian crossing and coordination between groups of traffic lights. Therefore, traffic lights at the intersection of thoroughfares tend to be longer in order to accommodate the needs of both vehicle and pedestrian green lights. As a result, red lights at major intersections are also relatively longer.

In light of this, the Traffic Engineering Office (TEO) has conducted a review and decided to shorten the red light duration at 435 intersections in the summer of 2019 (June to September), so as to minimize the wait time for pedestrians and vehicles.

According to statistics from the Central Weather Bureau, the highest daily temperature often exceeds 33 degrees Celsius in July and August, and an analysis of historical data by the TEO reveals that traffic flow during the summer vacation has shown signs of decrease.

In order to minimize pedestrian wait times at traffic lights and their concomitant exposure to the sun, TEO has reviewed intersections at major and minor roads in Taipei City and decided to decrease the red light duration at 435 intersections between Section 1, Xinyi Road and Linsen South Road at noon (11:00~14:00).

TEO will continue to monitor traffic flow and continuity after the red light duration has been reduced and will make adjustments accordingly based on public feedback. The agency urges pedestrians and drivers to observe the traffic lights when traveling through the aforementioned intersections in order to maintain safety.