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The Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service Echoes the "International Repair Day" by Promoting Recycling and Reuse in the Community.

For the first time, the Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service (TCSSLS) cooperated with the community organization "Nanjifix" to hold a forum on "Repair and Used Goods" on October 21st in response to the "International Repair Day". Neighborhood representatives and residents who are interested in environmental protection and community building are invited to participate in the forum, hoping that, through the public-private partnership, the neighborhoods will be able to put recycling and reuse into practice in their daily lives and implement the Taipei City Government's 2050 Net Zero Emissions goal from the bottom up.

To realize Mayor Chiang Wan-an's noticeable service-oriented government, Hu Hsiao-lan, the commissioner of the Department of Finance, hopes that the “SHWOO” will not only auction government scrapped public assets, but also further assist the public in repairing them so that the concept of "Repair instead of Purchase" can be practically implemented in the community.

Chang Ya-hui, the Director of the TCSSLS, said that the SHWOO website is currently the largest online auction platform for government scrapped public assets in the country and 17 municipal governments and 4,416 organizations have joined the website. Considering many people who agree with the recycling of resources, but are unable to find a repair store, this year's event was organized in cooperation with “Nanjifix”, a small home appliance repair organization, to encourage people to bid for used public property on the SHWOO website and create new value for second-hand goods through community repair activities.

The Nanjifix, based in Wanhua's social sharing space "IMMA", is made up of young people who recognize the importance of recycling resources, and use their spare time to organize monthly home appliance checkups or repair activities. Since its establishment in 2016, the organization has been in operation for more than seven years, and has organized 80 activities and repaired thousands of small home appliances. One of the founding members, Tsai Ya-hsuan, said he hopes to build a community of mutual support through maintenance activities and further hopes that the accumulated maintenance experience can be passed back to manufacturers to improve the design from the source and gradually expand the blueprint for sustainable living.

The "International Maintenance Day" has gradually gained importance in the international arena. It is hoped that through this event, the TCSSLS will take the lead, and in conjunction with the Nanjifix, will link up with all the maintenance groups in Taiwan to make a concerted effort to cherish the earth and environmental sustainability.