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Dog Training Lecture Now Open for Registration

Building on the success of the “Dog Behavior Training Lecture” held on August 28, the Animal Protection Office (APO) announced that it will be holding an advanced class on the topic on November 26.

APO noted that the animal trainer will introduce participants to general animal behaviors, body language of pets, and skills to tackle pets’ needs effectively. The instructor will use videos and personal demonstration to teach students the knowhow of caring for their furry companions at home.

The lecture will also feature a session where the participants will visit the Taipei Animal Shelter, providing them with a better understanding of the stray animals. APO hopes that sheltered animals will also have the opportunity to learn to adapt to human environment and maintain a stable character through constant interaction with people.

The lecture is part of APO’s initiative to promote the “Adopt, not Buy” policy and help the public cultivate a sense of responsibility as a pet owner, thereby reducing the number of abandoned animals. It also seeks to increase public awareness on animal welfare.

Taipei Animal Shelter Animal Training Lecture
Time and Date: 10 AM – noon, November 26
Location: Meeting room at Taipei Animal Shelter
Registration: Participants much be 20 years old or over. Please register through yangwenchi@gmail.com (provide your name, phone number, and email). Only 30 openings are available.
Contact: Write to yangwenchi@gmail.com or call (02)8791-3255, Ext. 3255