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Shezidao Day Tour for Entire Families Featuring Canoeing, Dragon Boat

Activity poster for the family tour on the riverA lesser-known destination boasting out-of-place rural riverside scenaries in the urbanized landscape of Taipei City, Shezidao is readily accessible for the city’s residents. The neighborhood is one of the best places in Taipei to conduct outdoor aquatic activities due to its advantageous location where Keelung River meets Tamsui River.

To encourage more people to visit Shezidao, the Shilin District Office will hold the Shezidao Family Trip – Competition of Dual Canoes at the Taipei University of Marine Technology (Address: No. 212, Section 9, Yanping S. Road, Shilin District) between 8:30 AM and 4:15 PM on July 18. Through the activity, the organizers hope to raise awareness among participants on Taipei’s natural environment and water resources through trips on the river on canoes and dragon boats.

Shilin District Director Jiang Ching-huei remarked that the canoeing event is aimed at consolidating relationship among family members and promote family value, as well as strengthening the connection between people and land while stimulating their interest in local history and culture.

The organizers welcome students from elementary school through high school to register. Being a family-oriented event, each participant should be accompanied by 1 or both parents. Those interested can either fill out either the online google document, submit via email, send in a fax, or sign up in person at the office (see below). There are two sessions on the day of the event – the morning canoe session and the dragon boat session in the afternoon. Each session has room for 40 participants. An individual is eligible for participating in 1 session only.

Registration Info:
Online: (Link) https://bit.ly/309G4S3
Email: Send your email to bn_541@mail.taipei.gov.tw with the title “Registering for Shezidao Family Tour”. Follow up your email with a call to (TEL) 2882-6200, ext. 6502.
Registration in Person: Complete the registration form and bring the document to Shilin District Office’s Humanities and Culture Division (9F, No. 439, Zhongzhen Road, Shilin District) during office hours (Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM – noon, 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM).
Fax: 8861-5506, note “Registering for Shezidao Family Tour” on your form. Follow up your fax with a call to (TEL) 2882-6200, ext. 6502.