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Summer Night’s Concert at Daan Forest Park

Looking for something to do on the night of a weekend that does not require the air conditioner? Why not come to the Daan Forest Park and enjoy two evenings of beautiful music in the company of moonlight, summer breeze, crickets, and fellow citizens?

The Taipei Chinese Orchestra will hold the “Flower, Joy, Evening” concert at the Daan Forest Park in the evening of June 18 and 19. The program will begin at 7 PM.

Renowned radio personality Chou Ting will preside over the show. Conducted by Chiang Chen-hao, the orchestra will play all-time favorites such as “Spring Dawn at Mt. Yangming,” “Green Island Serenade,” and “Small Town of Lukang.”

Parks and Street Lights Office Director Huang Li-yuan hopes to expand the diversity of parks and incorporate elements of education and entertainment. He believes that in addition to hardware and facilities, the role of cultural activities is also important. He added that there are a number of outstanding performance venues that can be used to hold these activities.

Youth Park Management Division Chief Yang Shu-hui noted that in an effort to bring cultural activities to local parks, the city government welcomes performances at these facilities. In addition to abundant space performances at the Daan Forest Park, fans will also show up at the show to support the performers.