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Application for “Feeling Taipei” Showcase Accepted through Sep. 30

To promote the archery competition of the upcoming 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei, the Department of Government Ethics (DGE) will be holding the “Feeling Taipei” Exhibition at the Bopiliao Historical District between December 3 and 18.

Highlighting the aspects of Taipei as an orderly city, DGE seeks to create a place which allows visitors and participating exhibitors to realize their visions, as well as sharing their dreams with each other.

The organizers welcome members of the public to sign up and take part in the exhibition. As long as the theme of their planned showcase (stationary or performance) matches those of the exhibition, anyone can apply regardless of age or group size.

The exhibition will also feature a popularity contest. The top three ranking showcases for both the stationary exhibition and performance category will receive awards of up to NT$20,000 in cash prizes and NT$12,000 in vouchers.

The deadline for applications is September 30. For more information, please visit the Chinese website of DGE or the activity fan page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/feelingtaipei/).