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Uni-President to back 2017 Universiade by Joining Sponsorship Program

On June 23, Mayor Ko Wen-je joined officials from Uni-President group during a press conference announcing Uni-President Corporation as the first official ‘premium’ sponsor of the event.
The mayor expressed his gratitude on behalf of Taipei City Government and the Taipei Universiade Organizing Committee to the company for taking up the role and to the Ministry of Education’s Sports Administration for its full support. He stressed that the Universiade is Taiwan’s Universiade, hoping that all citizens of Taiwan and enterprises would help to make it a success.
Ko pointed out that the success of the Universiade has an effect on the nation’s honor. Therefore, it is important to attract the participation of citizens and domestic businesses.
Through the sponsorship program, Uni-President will provide bottled water, beverages and other supplies for the competition. The mayor once again thanked the company for signing up to become a sponsor of the international event.
Responding to media questions on whether Uni-President will be the sole sponsor of the games, the mayor replied that talks have been held with other enterprises; Uni-President just happens to be the first one to hold the press conference.
As for why supplies only and no fundraising, Ko remarked that due to promotional needs, the sponsors will back the event through supplies and goods as a priority: airline companies may offer plane tickets, clothing companies provide uniforms, and Uni-president contributing beverages, and so on. The issue of cash donation will be dealt with after that.