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City Relaxes Elevator Installation Subsidy Rules for Old Apartments

The Urban Regeneration Office (URO) announced that the city government will loosen rules on subsidy application for old buildings to install elevators in a bid to improve the living quality of senior citizens and the physically challenged as well as increasing the lifespan of buildings.
The measure takes effect starting November 22.
According to the amended requirements, the agreement document signed by all property owners of the condominium in question can be replaced by an affidavit assuring that any illegal structures or construction obstacles will be removed, if the applicant is the building management committee. The affidavit shall be provided by the management committee executing decisions made during the unit owner assembly.
The maximum amount of subsidy is NT$2 million covering design and construction fees. The amount can be as high as NT$3 million should the elevator specifications meet Taipei City Universal Design Standards.
URO hopes that through the relaxing of qualifications, the City will see more implementation of lift addition projects to benefit residents dwelling on the upper floors of old apartments and help create a barrier-free environment.
To learn more about the subsidy program, please contact Tsuei Ma Foundation for Housing and Community Service (02-2365-8140, ext. 233) or URO (02-2781-5696, ext. 3156~3159). For inquiries on establishment of a building management committee, please call the 1999 Citizen Hotline, ext. 8388.