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Licorice Tea、cherry pie、strawberry macaron……You are invited to visit us.

Among the blooming roses in the Taipei Rose Garden, there is "Peach Drift" with a cool sounding name,"Licorice tea"; sweet and tempting "Cherry Pie" and "Strawberry Macaron"; "Green Ice" and "Coconut Ice" are essential for cooling the body in summer ; there are also mouth-watering "strawberries". 

These colorful flowers belonging to May day bloom in succession, like elves jumping around in every corner of the Taipei Rose Garden, casting magical magic, turning the high and low-level flower bushes into a sea of colorful flowers. 

Wandering to enjoy the roses is like tasting a sumptuous Western dessert in a European-style garden.

Welcome to the most beautiful view of the ocean of flowers in spring, let your mind like a vacation abroad.

Traffic guide

  1. Get off at the MRT Yuanshan Station Station and follow the instructions go through the Taipei Expo Park - Fine Arts Area, can reach to the Xinsheng Park.
  2. Get off at the MRT Zhongshan Elementary School Station and walk along the Xinsheng North Road to the Binjiang Street crossroads, can reach to the Xinsheng Park.


By bus:

685, citizen minibus 9, red 34 (holiday driving), red 50 to [Xinsheng Park]

72, 222, Red 34 (holiday driving), citizen minibus 9 to [Xinsheng Park (Lin Antai)]

542, 685, 688 or red 57 to [Then end of Jilin Road]

Youbike:From the No. 2 exit of YouBike MRT Yuanshan Station, follow the bicycle lane to Lin Antai Ancient Station.