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​City Introduces “Taipei: Cycling Circle Trip” Certification

​City Introduces “Taipei: Cycling Circle Trip” CertificationThe Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) unveiled the new “Taipei: Cycling Circle Trip” Riverside Bicycle Trail Challenge this year. To join, all the participant needs is a bicycle and a mobile phone. Simply follow the planned trail and check-in at 12 designated locations to complete the challenge!
To acquire the certificate, individuals can register online with one’s mobile phone number. The participant can engage in the challenge at his or her own leisure. The vastly popular “Duckling Slow Ride”, which is popular among entire families, will be held alongside this year’s cycling challenge. The event will last from November 6 through December 5.
For more information on the cycling challenge and planned cycling routes, please visit the Facebook fan page of HEO or the official activity website. (Note: the activity website will officially open at 8 AM on November 6).
According to HEO, Taipei City is a bicycle-friendly city, with a comprehensive riverside bicycle trail network and a number of bicycle rental stations along the way. There are also ecology observation points, outdoor sports venues, and playgrounds along the riverbanks as well. The Cycling Circle Trip Challenge hopes to bring participants to these facilities and admire the beautiful landscape along the way.
Featuring 12 locations along the entire riverside bicycle trail network, participants of the challenge can check-in at these landmarks and upload the selfies taken at any of these locations. After confirmation of the check-ins and photos, those finishing the challenge will receive a digital certificate and a souvenir head towel. The first 100 people to complete the challenge will receive a bonus prize – a limited edition night light.