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Presided over by Dr. Chia-ji Teng and Dr. You-yi Hou, Deputy Mayors of Taipei and New Taipei City Deputy, the 3rd deputy mayor meeting of the Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchanges Platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Meeting”) was held in the Taipei City Hall today (July 20, 2016). The Meeting reviewed the progress and results of the collaborative projects in the past a few months.
The Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchanges Platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Platform”) has successfully pushed for a total of 87 collaboration projects since 2015. In addition to 45 projects completed in the previous stage, more collaboration mechanisms have been established during the second quarter of 2016, such as the discussion meetings for experience sharing on energy saving, investigations of animal welfare cases, promotion of distinctive cultures, etc. The Platform significantly speeds up the bilateral cooperation and creates a result more than the sum of its parts.
The Meeting confirmed to continue the 38 existing collaborative projects, and add two new projects for the second quarter of 2016. One of the new projects is the training on the category 3 and 4 narcotic drugs; the other is the experience exchanges for anti-poverty programs. It also ensured constant discussion between two governments for more cooperation, sharing, and exchanges to find win-win sustainability.
Particularly mentionable among the implemented projects is the collaboration on the replacement of lead pipes and the Pipe Construction Project for the Feitsui Reservoir to ensure stable water supply and quality drinking water. Since the Pipe Construction Project concerns Taipei and New Taipei citizens’ daily living, two municipalities work closely together to guarantee long term commitment for the project, in hopes of creating mutual benefit and prosperity.
The Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchanges Platform devotes to integrate all sorts of available resources and assure efficient vertical and horizontal communication between Taipei and New Taipei City. With all the collaborative projects meeting citizens’ needs and increasing administrative efficiency, it promises to facilitate a more convenient living and a thriving future for the residents of both cities.