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[Traffic Control] Lighting System Renovation Work at Keelung Road Underpass

Keelung Rd. UnderpassTo provide the public with a brighter and more comfortable driving environment, the Parks and Street Lights (PSLO) announced that it will overhaul the dated lighting system along Keelung Road Underpass.
The project involves the removal of traditional lighting (1,597 units) and replacing them with power-saving LED versions (1,802 units). Other upgrades include new cables, electric facilities, automated lighting control system, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
Construction will be carried out during late night hours between 11 PM to 6 AM. The installation process requires a total of 180 work days and is slated for completion by November 30, 2020. PSLO reminds road users to follow the directions of onsite personnel and either slow down as they pass through the construction area or take the detour.
The agency explained that construction works will be divided into 4 major areas/phases to minimize the impact of power line switching and from the replacement of lighting devices upon tunnel traffic. Construction work will advance in the following order: the southbound central lane, the northbound central lane, the southbound mix-vehicle lane, and the northbound mix-vehicle lane. Signs, warning lights, and the presence of construction vehicles will alert passerby to pay attention and drive slowly. Details of traffic control are listed below.

Keelung Road Underpass Lights Upgrade Construction: Schedule and Detour Information
Direction Scope Date Time Detours
Songren Rd. To Xinyi Rd.(Southbound) Central Lane(Long Tunnel) 2020/06/01~2020/07/03 23:00~06:00
  1. Keelung Rd.(Southbound)→Left turn on Songgao Rd. →Right turn on City Hall Rd. →Right turn on Songshou Road →Left turn on Keelung Rd. →Back on the original track.
  2. Keelung Rd.(Southbound)→Keelung Rd. short tunnel→ Keelung Rd. → Back on the original track
Songren Rd. To Xinyi Rd.(Southbound) Mixed Lane(Short Tunnel) 2020/08/15~2020/10/15 23:00~06:00
Xinyi Rd. To Songren Rd.(Northbound) Central Lane(Long Tunnel) 2020/08/04~2020/10/22 23:00~06:00
  1. Keelung Road (Northbound)→ Keelung Rd. Short Tunnel→ Keelung Road→ Back to the original path
  2. Keelung Road(Northbound)→Left turn on Songshou Road →Left turn on City Hall Rd. →Left turn on Songgao Rd. →Right turn on Keelung Rd. →Back to the original path
Xinyi Rd. To Songren Rd.(Northbound) Mixed Lane(Short Tunnel) 2020/09/04~2020/11/04 23:00~06:00
Illumination Tests and Adjustments 2020/11/05~2020/11/30 23:00~06:00