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Mayor Expresses Gratitude to Taipei Lantern Festival Sponsors, Supporters

Mayor Ko at the award presentation ceremony for the 2021 Taipei Lantern FestivalMayor Ko Wen-je attended the award presentation ceremony for the 2021 Taipei Lantern Festival at Wanhua District in the afternoon of December 27.
During the event, he presented certificates of gratitude to representatives of sponsoring enterprises, partner entities, and support agencies who helped made the lantern festival possible. He pointed out that this year’s event integrates both online and physical aspects, seeking to minimize the impact of the pandemic while stimulating the local economy in Wanhua.
The mayor also offered voice of encouragement to the public, noting that the pandemic will pass eventually. Given the emergence of new COVID-19 variants around the world, he advised the public to adhere to policies on booster shots to help strengthen their immunity system. Looking ahead to the post-pandemic world, the city government laid out the 3 guidelines of continuing “industrialization, localization, and globalization.” It also plans to focus its efforts on the upcoming 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival, which will take place in Taipei City.
Commenting on the process of organizing this year’s Taipei Lantern Festival, the mayor remarked that in the age of the pandemic, there is always a risk when holding events that involve a large number of people at a given place. Drawing upon the experience of the 2021 Nuit Blanche earlier this year, the city government divided the lantern festival into online and offline aspects for the first time. Through actual lantern displays at physical venues combined with virtual presentations online, the 2021 Taipei Lantern Festival successfully provided internet viewers with a unique experience while preserving the physical aspects for onsite visitors.
Despite the postponement of the lantern festival from February to December, Ko expressed his gratitude to the staff members for their continued support after all these times, including head curator Akibo, partner businesses, accommodation managements, local temples, and foreign cities that contributed to the displays at the International Friendship Lantern Zone.