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Always Open E-Library—Sign up to Learn More about TPL Online Resources

With the growing popularity of digital reading habits, Taipei Public Library (TPL) is embracing new technologies to increase its online collection of e-books. Residents are encouraged to take part in the e-resources classes to learn how to access the e-database starting March.

In line with Mayor Ko Wen-je’s initiative to make government resources available online, TPL has taken steps to purchase more e-materials. Individuals who possess the Library Card will be able to access the database anywhere, anytime.

To promote the service, TPL will be holding a series of classes to help familiarize the public with what’s available and the methods of access. Topics span magazines and newspapers, law database, English learning resources, children’s illustration books, and more.

These classes are free of charge. Each session is limited to 30 participants. Sign up at https://goo.gl/U18Jrj (Chinese)

Class information


Registration Deadline

Class Begins

Always Open! E-Library

March 14

March 19

Overview of world news: magazines, newspapers, visual resources

March 21

March 26

Specialized knowledge inquiry: law database, periodicals

April 18

April 23

E-BOOK at your fingertips: e-books accessible through mobile devices

April 25

April 30

Easy English: English learning materials introduction

May 16

May 21

Family reading: Children’s e-books

May 23

May 28