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Clothes Recycling Box Gets an Overhaul

Starting in November, the used clothes recycling boxes across Taipei City will receive a complete makeover! To replace the dull, dark-green boxes, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) hired designer Feng Yu to produce a new look for these installations.
During the press conference on November 3, the agency unveiled the new chic-looking “Clothes Recycling Bank” and announced that the renovation of the old boxes is slated for completion by the end of December.
Commissioner of Environmental Protection Liou Ming-lone noted that the appearance of the used clothing recycling boxes is outdated. As the capital city of the island, Taipei City seeks to promote city aesthetics and improve the urban landscape to raise the quality of our living environment. As a result, the agency implemented the renovation project to outfit these boxes with a new appearance.
According to DEP, the used clothing recycling operation is handled by social welfare organizations which acquired license from the agency – renewable every 3 years. For the latest round of license, a total of 54 social welfare organizations were accepted to manage 1358 clothing recycling boxes.
The new appearance of the used clothing recycling boxes emphasizes the concept of environmental protection. Messages on the left and right sides of the box carry slogans reminding the public to cut carbon emission. Each set of clothing donated is equivalent to reducing 4.2 kg of carbon emission and helps save 9 days of water usage for an individual. Users can use the iTAP application to look up the locations of the used clothing recycling boxes.