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Secretariat, Taipei City Government

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Current status of personnel operations

This department always undergoes personnel operations according to the mayor's governance vision and policy directives as well as the central government’s personnel regulations. See below for a list of key personnel operation execution statuses and tasks in 2019:
1. Implement re-organization
Finish the land office organization change proposal.
2. Check headcount
The total headcount budget for this city government is 78,116 by end of February 28, 2019, 182 more than that of 77,934 by end of January 1, 2018. The added headcounts are faculty members that aimed to fill up classes for extra new students in the 2018 school year who born in the Year of the Dragon.
3. Implement employment by exam
3.1 Apply for 1,088 each of senior and junior civil service examinations
3.2 Execute 2 public selection for senior contract employees, contract employees, technicians and maintenance workers; 50 entities submitted position openings; 230 examinees admitted as official member and 296 backup members.
4. Care about underprivileged groups
4.1 Employ 3,017 people with mental and physical disabilities (1,037 over quota) at a total employment rate of 152.37%; employ 551 indigenous people (286 over quota) at a total employment rate of 207.92%.
4.2 Provide 340 summer job openings for university students of parents of unemployed labors who are low-income, physically and mentally handicapped, indigenous, or financially supporting families alone.
5. Implement personnel operation computerization
Set up a personnel operation electronic form online submission system and promoted online submitting of routine forms. This ended up with 1,856 personnel position change announcement, 4,851 online registrations; 321 events, 72,989 participants; 787 questionnaires, and 196,946 online filling in and filing.