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Kinmen Residents Pay Water Bills Through Taipei Smart Payment Platform “Pay.taipei” from Now On

* The Taipei City Government and Kinmen County Government are collaborating to make Taipei’s smart payment platform “pay.taipei” available for Kinmen residents, who can now pay their water bills online. The payment service adds to the expanding e-government services across Taiwan, making bill payment methods more diversified and convenient while also reducing carbon emissions.

Kinmen County residents can now pay their water bills through the smart payment platform pay.taipei and the Jkopay app. Within the pay.taipei app, they simply need to click Kinmen Water Bill and scan the QR Code on their water bill to execute payment.In the Jkopay app, all it takes is clicking Pay Bills > Water Bills > Kinmen County Waterworks. Then key in the seven digits of your water number to access Check Status or Pay Bills. Until May 31, 2019, Jkopay users enjoy an 8% cashback on their first two payments on the app (maximum TWD 20 per cashback). When the payments are deducted from the in-cart stored value or paired bank account, users enjoy another 2% cashback. These services are designed to nudge people toward more online payment habits.

The Kinmen County Waterworks explains that the current water fee payment methods include bank transfer, payment collection by the bank, payment collection at convenience stores, payment at a Kinmen County Waterworks counter, nationwide online payment, ATM transfer, and online bank transfer. Amid the rise of mobile payment services in recent years, Jkopay is Kinmen County Waterworks’s first foray into mobile payment collection. Other mobile payment options will be added in the future to offer customers more choice and convenience.

The Department of Information Technology notes that the pay.taipei app, established by the Taipei City Government through cross-domain cooperation, has processed 3.86 million payments since its launch in June 2017. Payments handled include Taipei roadside parking fees, water bills, Taipei City Hospital medical bills, miscellaneous study fees, local taxes, traffic fines, public gathering deposits, and land administration fees. Payment collection of business registration fees, online application fees, parking lot cardless payments, and more will be added before the end of the year.