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Taipei expanding into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations tourism market: first stop Thailand

In the hopes of expanding into the tourism market in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Department of Information and Tourism has promoted Muslim tourism in Singapore and Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries in the past year. The Taipei Department of Information and Tourism also attended, for the first time, the B to B event hosted by Bangkok and Chiang Mai on June 14th and June 16th for promoting tourism and created themed tours based on the interests of Thai tourists: culture, shopping, and nature, combining Taipei delicacies with the 2017 Taipei Universiade events. Those who adore shopping and religious activities are welcome to experience the convenient shopping scene and the charming integration of historical sites with modernity.
As Thailand’s political scene stabilized, more and more tourists visited Thailand, increasing the market in Thailand and at the same time, Thai tourists were more willing to invest their time in travelling overseas. The number of Thai tourists in Taiwan last year increased by 20,000 (53.5%), summing the total to 50,000. Furthermore, the increase in willingness to travel to Taiwan is also due to the increase of available and affordable flights between Thailand and Taiwan, as well as the looser regulations on visas, contributing to the reason why the Thai market is the top choice for Taipei.
According to the 2015 Global Travel Intentions Study by VISA, an average of 44000 THB is spent per trip by Thai tourists and that they usually travel to closer countries, with Japan being the most popular trip, followed by Singapore, China, Hong Kong and South Korea. Each trip has an average of 6 days and 5 hours of travel time, Thai tourists usually travel with friends more than family and partners. Based on the results of this study, the Department of Information and Tourism created specific tours that would feed to the preferences of the tourists, hoping to also win them over with the low-value consumption way of life, convenient transportation and friendly locals in Taipei.
For shopaholics, Taipei recommends a series of shopping tours: from fast fashion in Ximending to luxury brands in Xinyi to Syntrend, a place for tech-lovers, shoppers are free to shop ‘til they drop! For devout Buddhists, Taipei offers beautiful monuments and temples that have free entrance fees and audio guides in different languages, contrary to several other countries. At monuments and temples, visitors can not only pray but also experience the historic charm in the alleys and purchase local souvenirs. Due to the year-long heat in Thailand, tourists are invited to take the MRT to Beitou during autumn and winter a moderately colder winter with hot springs and mala hot pots.
In order to allow tourists to further understand the allure of Taipei, the Department of Information and Tourism created posters including information on themed tours and transportation in Thai, available on request.