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The Collaboration of Taipei and New Taipei City Promises a Better Future

  The 8th deputy mayor meeting of the Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchange Platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Meeting”) was held in the New Taipei City Hall today (July 1, 2019). Presided over by Taipei deputy mayor Chia-ji Teng and New Taipei deputy mayor Chwen-jing Chen, the Meeting reviewed the progress and results of recent collaborative projects. 
The Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchange Platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Platform”) has successfully pushed for 134 projects in total since 2015. 106 projects have been completed and 28 are still in progress. All the projects were reviewed at the Meeting to ensure the collaboration creates livable and sustainable cities. 
  Mayor Ko takes the collaboration seriously. He hopes Taipei and New Taipei City governments would break the geographical boundary. By way of the Platform, the two municipalities work together on issues regarding welfare of both cities’ residents and to provide convenient services. In the past four years, The Platform proactively pushed for many collaborative projects to find solutions for problems regarding citizens’ needs, such as “The establishment of the report mechanism for non-conforming agriculture product at wholesale markets,” “Feitsui Reservoir Water for Taipei and New Taipei City,” “Safety management for large-scale events,” “Online availability checking system for the elderly day care centers,” etc. 
  Deputy Mayor Teng remarked that several projects aiming to simplify procedures and improve convenience for residents are implemented this year. For example, the policy on mutual acceptance of Taipei and New Taipei government-certified trash bags has come into effect on May 1. Now residents of both cities can use trash bags or dual-purpose bags certified by either government for trash pick-up, which significantly enhances environment protection and residents’ convenience. In addition, starting from today (July 1, 2019), passengers have to swipe their EasyCard when getting on and off the bus, which ends the confusion about when to swipe the card. The two municipalities will keep working on collaborative projects concerning industry and livelihood, urban development, education and culture, tourism, etc.     
  Taipei City Government will continue the collaboration with New Taipei City Government for major constructions such as the reconstruction of Zhongzheng Bridge (scheduled to start on May 6); the water pipe construction ensuring the drinking water safety of Feitsui Reservoir (July), and the first section of Taipei MRT circular line (set to go into service by the end of 2019.) The two municipalities will develop more collaborative projects to take care of residents’ needs. They are committed to deepen exchanges to promise Taipei and New Taipei residents a convenient living and a thriving future.