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Be Cautious! The Urinary Bladder Can Get a Cold During the Cold Weather Too!

Ms. Wang, currently in her 50s, works in a cleaning company. She once had to use the toilet every 2 hours. She thought that the occasional feeling of urgent urination was caused by her long-time work and drinking too much water, so she didn’t take it seriously. When the weather turned cooler lately, Ms. Wang found that the urination became even more frequent to once every one hour, and the urgent feeling also became more serious. Later, she was directed by her colleague to seek medical advice in the Urology Department and found that she was in fact suffering from overactive bladder.
Cheng Weiming, attending physician of the Urology Department in Zhongxiao Branch of Taipei City Hospital, says that more and more patients suffering from overactive bladder seek medical advice in the Urology Department as the weather turns colder. Most causes of overactive bladder are unknown; they may be related to aging, spinal cord injury, stroke, prostatic hypertrophy, diabetes, and so on, while low temperature can aggravate the symptoms.
The symptoms of overactive bladder cannot be cured completely, but can be controlled. Coffee, tea, cola, alcohol and other irritating food should be avoided. At present, the most common oral drugs include anticholinergic drugs or new generation drugs for promoting beta sympathetic nerves.
If the oral drugs mentioned above are ineffective, the patients can receive botulinum toxin injection in the bladder after the physician’s evaluation. The effect of one injection can last for 6-9 months. Dr. Cheng emphasizes that if patients can face the disease positively, cooperate and discuss with the urologists and choose the most appropriate treatment, the disease can definitely be improved, and patients will not be afraid that the bladder may catch a cold as the temperature drops.